Visit Religious Feasts and Other Events on the Island of Sifnos


By visiting religious feasts on neighboring island of Sifnos, one of the nicest islands of the central Aegean, you can combine overnight boat trip experience, hiking, and, follow local traditions at the same time. Every year, a number of religious feasts are carried out at churches or monasteries usually located at the best and most idyllic places on the island. The feast includes, the ceremony, followed by serving of traditional food, local wine, and dancing to traditional music, plaid by local musicians.


It’s an unforgettable experience, and one that has its roots, hundreds of years ago.


Please find attached a list of dates for these religious feasts and other events, choose the one you think most likely suits your traveling plans, and please let me know well in advance.


19, 26 July

14, 28, 31 August

5, 8, 13 September

3, 4, 5 September Festival of Traditional Cyclades Cooking.